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Your customers want to move forward. Don’t let them wait.

Did you know?

73 percent of consumers say that a combination of traditional and digital customer service works best.

Source: PwC – survey Customer care evolution: digital leads the way

Find out how digital transformation can make you more profitable!

AAC needs a stable system that runs 24/7, day and night

“When purchasing a new system the important thing for us is that we can ensure stability when teleworking. Nowadays, working from home takes place daily,” says Arnold Vrijdaghs. Watch the video below:

Why we are the perfect partner


Nextel knows that the continuity of your business is crucial. No worries: our solutions work like complete engines in which all the parts run smoothly.


At Nextel we have found that customers prefer to work with a single point of contact. A direct coach who listens to your local requirements and actively thinks along with you.


Innovation costs money. We understand that at Nextel. For that reason, we integrate new technology into your old systems whenever possible.

A few satisfied customers

“Offer your employees the right tools so that they can communicate optimally. That is how you make the difference in the digital world!”

We have everything in house to make your organization flexible. We will guide you through the tangle of telephony, ICT and security solutions.

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