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The absolute guarantee we can give you at Nextel: with Nextel you have a partner who will not just let you drop.

Our promise to you: Reliability

Fast service

Whether you are having a problem or not, you would like to be helped quickly. Right? At Nextel, we believe being of service immediately is also extremely important.

A single point of contact

At Nextel you work with a single contact person who arranges everything for you. A matter of making it easy for you. Need something? Then you only have to call one number!


Not only our systems are reliable, but our people are as well. We always focus on you and how we can help your organization move forward. We also enjoy thinking along with you and forming a strong team together with you.

Quality guarantee

We constantly analyse the quality of our systems and strive for optimum satisfaction. In this way we also always guarantee that you can deliver quality to your customers.

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