One contact person arranges everything. EVERYTHING.

We give every customer a single point of contact. That is the communication manager with the customer and places the correct communication line to the relevant person at Nextel. In this way, our service provision is smooth and coordinated.

Your contact person speaks your language!


SPOC stands for Single Point Of Contact. Your unique contact for all your queries. Surely you do not want to have to explain everything to 10 different people? Do you?

How do you mean, it is difficult to explain?

You know what you want. And like to explain it in your own way. We understand that.

Direct line

At Nextel you will not be given a menu of options, a queuing system or script. No, we make it easy for you with a direct line to your single contact person.

Technical questions

Your SPOC works together with a specialized technical engineer. As a result, your contact can also immediately assist you with technical queries.

Prefer not to call?

You prefer not to make contact by phone? We understand! Simply log into the “My Nextel”-customer platform and send us your query in a Ticket. Your single point of contact will do what is needed.

Do you have a question? Your Nextel single point of contact is there for you.

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