Secure data, including mobile

Work with your own device. It sounds easy, but mobile devices require extra security.


Bring your own device

Can your employees use their own device at work? That’s easy. Unfortunately, mobile devices are often a weak link in data security. They often fall prey to hackers or thieves. So then what happens to your confidential data? Nextel keeps your data networks secure.

Encryption against data loss

If employees lose their laptop, USB sticks or hard discs, then you obviously do not want to allow (honest or) less honest finders access to your data. For that reason, we encrypt all confidential information so that hard discs or other peripherals are not readable to third parties.

Did you know?

Only 30 percent of businesses think about employing a Data Protection Officer, even though it is obligatory for businesses with more than 250 members of staff per establishment.

Source: InfoSecurity

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Mobile devices are useful! As long as you secure them properly!

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