Camera surveillance: seen smartly!

The right cameras in the right place give you a perfect picture.

Intelligent camera surveillance: indoors and outdoors

Technical know-how

Our experts discuss the options with you in terms of image quality, image management … In that way you always have the right camera in the right place.

Intelligent monitoring

On sites with hundreds of cameras people cannot monitor all the images. Video intelligence allows your system continuously to analyse the images and give a signal in predetermined situations. Then you can decide what action has to be taken.

Process detection

Cameras are ideal for large production lines to provide automatic checks. If the cameras detect an error, they stop the production process.

Extremely rapid evolution

The technology is evolving at an accelerated pace! How can you keep up with these evolutions?

Would you also want to increase the safety and liveability of your town or city?

Smart, flexible cameras can help you with this!

Did you know?

There are no fewer than 47,137 sites with cameras in Belgium.

Source: Privacy Commission

Camera surveillance is evolving extremely rapidly. Are you keeping up?

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You are investing in the future with intelligent cameras.

Find out how Nextel can equip your organization with advanced, future-proof monitoring solutions.

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